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Waiting For Her: A Fairn Boys Story

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Three motherless boys united by a brotherly bond

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Caleb is 9 years old when Momma leaves him and his brothers at their estranged father’s house for the summer. Dad doesn’t have a clue how to care for three boys, and nor is he motivated to try. Navigating his moods and covering for his neglect are more than any child should have to face, but as the oldest brother, Caleb knows it’s his responsibility to step up and grow up.

With his mother gone, taking his twin sister with her, Indio (6) is battling anger and grief as well as the nagging guilt it’s all his fault. Resisting Caleb’s newfound authority, struggling to keep little Jesse (3) out of trouble, he never gives up hope. Momma will be home for his seventh birthday, won’t she?

All he has to do is wait for her.

Waiting For Her is a standalone prequel to the Wynter Wild series (sample chapters of book 1, Little Sister Song, are included in this download).

What readers are saying about the Wynter Wild series:
“Grab some tissues and cancel your plans. Impossible to not binge read.”

“Absolutely fantastic series. I barely slept for a week while reading it.”

“Beautiful story of family and finding your place”

“I'm so in love with these characters”
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